Fishing the Mitta River

Today Lewington House residents, centenarian Mr Gordon Bock and 88 year old Mr John Armit were accompanied by our diversional therapist on a fishing trip on the banks of the Mitta River. Volunteer fishing guide for the day was Steve Disney who normally plays the role of maintenance manager for Omeo District Health.

Mr Bock and Mr Armit are both keen fisherman and reveled in the chance for a little fishing competition. The trip had been previously postponed due to bad weather and although today’s sky also looked daunting the gentlemen decided they would like to take their chances. The team of anglers headed off to Mitta Lodge which belongs to The Bairnsdale Fly Fishing Club knowing they would have some shelter if the weather closed in. Indeed the rain began to fall and the veranda came in handy but a little rain could not dampen the enthusiasm of our residents who rugged up and hid under umbrellas while they fished. The local and not so “secret spot” (Grays hole) unfortunately did not prevail and our fishermen and woman returned empty handed however in true fisherman spirit Mr Bock returned with a tall ‘tail’ stating he “would need a flour bag to carry ’em all in”. Given the smiles on their faces when they returned one would assume that no fish actually need to be caught for a fishing trip to be considered successful by our residents.

fishing 15-4-15 fishing trip

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