Afternoon Tea with Management

This afternoon residents got together with CEO of Omeo District Health, Mr Frank Megens, and Quality manager Ms. Christa Thompson for afternoon tea. Held in the comfort of the residents lounge the afternoon tea provided an opportunity for residents to give real time feedback direct to management while enjoying a delicious array of snacks. Suggested as a quality improvement tool the afternoon was organised by our Diversional therapy team with the help of our wonderful kitchen staff. The informal chat raised a few of the residents issues and also gave the residents an opportunity to pass on their praises to staff and the facility. One of our two centenarians Margaret stated that all she really had to say was thank you “I am perfectly satisfied with everything here (at Lewington House Omeo) and feel privileged to be here.” She went on to make some suggestions about meals. With fruit platters, sandwiches, cakes and slices on the table food seemed to be a hot topic for chatter. Resident Kath Connelly told us “there was plenty of everything. It was lovely.” 

As informal as the chat was it also raised some more technical, but easily resolved, issues such as resident access to phones. Mr John Armit told us it was nice to be able to chat with Frank “sometimes I feel like I don’t want to criticise things” but being able talk about things I feel like I need was good.

A special thanks to kitchen for providing such a delicious afternoon tea. 


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