Virtual Visiting

Omeo District Health has secured the use of two iPads to be used by the residents of Lewington House. Residents are able to use these iPads to Skype or FaceTime with friends and relatives.

Skype and FaceTime are data based phone calls which allow people to stream live video of each other, allowing ‘face to face’ contact with the residents even if you live far away.

If you are already set up with a Skype account and would like to take part in our virtual visiting program contact nursing staff on (03) 51590100 to book a time to speak with one of the residents. If you are interested in this program but unsure of how to set up an account or use Skype or FaceTime please call and leave a message with reception or comment below and one of our trained staff will be in touch with you to help start the process.

Visit this YouTube link to learn how to set up your Skype account today

Omeo Skype20130815-110403.jpg


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